Bloodbanner was unleashed back in 1998 when Titans primary band; HYDRA no longer was a one man project as it once intended to be. Titan felt that another project was needed to satisfy his musical needs. The intention of Bloodbanner was and will always be to create extreme thrash assaults with lyrics dealing with warfare and mysticism in a weird combination. The first demo was recorded in year 2000 with Flame as session drummer. This attack was entitled "Landesjaegerkorps" and included three tracks of pure black thrash grimness. The demo was well received and is sold out since long. The second demo that was recorded was recorded in 2001 and contained three tracks. It was called "If they win... Only our dead are free" and is also sold out. This demo will be re-released as a mini-cd by Kausu Productions in the future with new vocals and basslines and completely new artwork. During 2007 Titan contacted Thunder (drums) & Atomikor (bass) to help to record some new songs. The collaberation worked out fine and hopefully when they have some time to spare, a full length album will be recorded.



TITAN - Nuklear Voice & Guitars
THUNDER - War Drums & Vox
ATOMIKOR - Nekro-Bass & Vox